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About Us

About Us

The Clinique Vétérinaire Piedmont is proud to welcome you in modern facilities where 4 veterinarians are available to take care of your pets.

We offer veterinarian care for the needs of your dog or cat. We also have an ambulatory service for horses as well as an in-clinic veterinarian who offers care to small birds and furry exotic mammals. Our passionate veterinarian team will surely answer all your questions regarding the health of your furry companion, physical as well as mental health. Actually, the behavioral problems are also followed diligently by our veterinarians.
Finally, if you consult us for your small animals, horses or exotics, your family pets are in expert hands. We offer excellent care with modern equipment and in a humane environment!

We perform daily surgeries and dentistry in our facilities.
Our day surgery patients are treated with the utmost care. Blankets, outings and food are offered during their entire stay. They are under supervision from the moment they arrive until their departure in order to ensure the good progress of their hospital stay.



The Piedmont Veterinary Hospital was founded on December 14, 1993 by Doctors David Mance and Lyne Farmer. Their easy approach and devotion were rapidly appreciated, and as things progressed, more veterinarians were required to meet the demand. In 2010, when the original building became too small, the construction of a new facility was unavoidable.


It is in 2009 that Dre Lisiane Rivest joins the team to finally become the proud owner of the Clinique Vétérinaire de Piedmont Inc. in September 2021. Anxious to follow in the same successful footsteps started by Dr Mance and Dre Farmer, she shares the same practice phylosophy: the accessible family medicine approach.